Rumah Desa Tours

We would like to share you an experience. This place is dedicated to support our village through our empowerment and development program.
Visiting this home, it means you help direct and indirect automatically to this village through the program that you joining. We are glad to invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of.


Rumah Desa Programs :

1. Balinese home
Experience the life of the villagers through our overnight at the village. This is your opportunity to explore the secret life of the villagers and to understand the people deeper. On this program you will get in touch directly with the people and spend your night at their houses.
This program is really for people the seekers of tranquil and peaceful life in Bali.

– Just Overnight 2 Days/ 1 Night Without Activity
US$ 35
This program is just overnight at our village includes bed and breakfast.
In the evening you can explore Balinese life, go to the family temple, share experience with them. You can also take part in making offering for the next day of the people.
Included: 1 overnight at the village, Breakfast.

– Full Program 2 Days/ 1 Night
Rp. 1.885.000/person
First Day: Arrival Rumah Desa – Culture Village Experience


2. Balinese cooking class
Rumah Desa gives you a great opportunity to discover the secrets of the authentic Balinese cuisine. This is the ultimate food experience you will have in Bali. Our professional team proudly will lead you to make the preparation of all menus for our cooking program.

The cooking class starts with visiting a traditional market, where you can explore all kinds of spices, ingredients that are used for cooking Balinese food and it is also a good chance to know more about social life of Balinese.

Upon the arrival at Rumah Desa, our team will welcome you and explain about the background of Balinese cooking tradition in relation with tradition, culture, religion.
Our cooking class program is really very different compared with other cooking companies. We do not just show you how to cook Balinese food but also tell you philosophy. And Guaranty you can see us with the lovely family.

For those who are really interested in exploring secrets of Balinese food, it is recommended for those who have Restaurant, Chef, Food lover to join this program. You will have a great insight into the Balinese tradition in cooking, eating habits of the Balinese people.

After a long experience in cooking we choose special menus which are cooked for special events. We offer you three cooking programs and you can choose our offer according to your condition.

– FUN COOKING (8 Recipes)
Rp. 910.000/pax

Rp. 1.274.000/person

Rp. 1.105.000/ person
3. Rumah desa adventure
Rumah Desa adventure is organized to explore the hidden paradise of Bali in the village. On this trip you will have great experience of Balinese life, culture, traditional irrigation system, rice planting, and learn more about tropical plants.

– Ricefield Trekking
Rp. 780.000/ person

– Jati Luwih Village Cycling
Rp. 1.105.000/ person

– Adventure Full Program
Rp. 1.105.000/ person

4. Bali once different

This program is the very recommended by the guests who have visited Rumah Desa, expecially for knowledge and education.
We recommend you this program in order to explore Bali off the beaten track.

– Village Night
Rp. 935.000/ person
– Bali Daily Life
Rp. 1.045.000/ person
5. Bali Spiritual Experience
Your greatest wealth is your health! Join us to relax, renew and revitalize your body. These special programs of detoxification and re-balancing of the body, mind and spirit; combined with gentle healing arts of Qi-yoga, meditation and local organic juices, herbs and foods will leave you feeling cleansed, revitalised and brand new! Your reasons for joining us may be weight control, chronic illness, stress, malnutrition, disease or a healthy desire to keep your body, mind and spirit at optimal levels to avoid any imbalances.

– Rumah Sehat (Usadha Bali) Health and Welbeing
Rp.1.885.000/ person

– Praying
Rp. 910.000/ pax

– Purification Ceremony
Rp. 1.274.000/person

– Balinese Healer
Rp. 1.105.000/ person


6. Rumah desa celebration
This program is organized for your special day, such as birthday, wedding, honeymoon or special event request.

– Balinese Wedding Celebration
Rp. 17.160.000/Couple

– Romantic Celebration
Rp. 1.885.000/person


7. Balinese Special Lunch or Dinner
If you want really to enjoy the authentic Balinese food, we invite you to come to Rumah Desa to taste our delicious Balinese foods.
It is recommended for food lovers, cook, and chef.

– Dinner With Balinese Dance
Rp. 780.000/ person

– Special Lunch
Rp. 286.000/person


Please choose one or more of these programs and make your Bali vacation unforgetable !


All this Package Includes :
– Welcome drink, cold towel
– Introduction to Program
– Transportation (pick-up from your hotel un Bali  and dropoff)
– Explanation of the daily life of the people of Bali, we are looking Kekidung, Lontar, making offerings (Mejejaitan)
– Explanation / demo how to make Balinese coffee, palm oil, etc.
– Lunch or dinner
– Transfer By Home Village, If the transfer to a second party, getting less than 15% of the sale price



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