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Nirwana Resort & Spa, Candi Dasa, Bali

The Nirwana Resort & Spa is an ocean view resort situated in Candidasa Regency, Jalan Raya Sengkidu, Amlapura, Eastern Bali whichoffers a spa and a restaurant with an infinity pool overlooking the clear blue ocean water and mountains scenery.

The resort has a mind-blowing picturesque of scenic ocean to offer, where you can feel the breeze and hear the sound of the waves from your rooms surrounded by tropical garden setting which inviting the birds to sing beautifully around the resorts.

Nirwana Resort and Spa has 18 rooms and so it is indeed quiet and peaceful.  The rooms are spacious and the interior is decorated in earth colors like orange, light brown, white and dark brown. The bathroom area is more masculine with a clean design. All rooms with Aircondition, TV, Minibar, Safe, Terrace, etc..


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  • 24 Hours reception
  • Air Condition
  • Bar
  • Children facilities
  • Free WiFi / Internet
  • Garden
  • In room: Free toiletries
  • In room: Hairdryer
  • In room: IDD Telephone
  • In room: Minibar
  • In room: Safety Deposit Box
  • In room: TV
  • Laundry service
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Shops
  • SPA
  • Sun chairs
  • Tour desk
  • Wake up service
  • Water sports

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Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa is a popular tourist focal point in East Bali. A relaxing — some would say sleepy — beach resort with a wide range of accommodation options. Many visitors, especially Europeans, combine a stay in the hotspots of south Bali with a more relaxed break here. The black sand beaches are very narrow and often disappear altogether at high tide. Candi Dasa is a strategic place from where to explore the east of the island, which boasts exotic cultural highlights and a range of historical sites and exciting tours to enjoy.

Candidasa is located in East Bali in the Samuh neigborhood of the Bugbug Village, 12 kilometres southwest of Amlapura, the main town and capital of the Karangasem regency. It was formerly known as Teluk Kehen (Kehen Bay), but since the tourism industry was introduced the name was changed to Candidasa.

Candi Dasa offers excellent diving and snorkelling, interesting historical villages, some great trekking opportunities — and beautiful beaches within easy reach.

Only one thing is for sure, Candidasa is a tranquil coast offering varying accommodation, from basic to five-star resorts and few good restaurants in between.

Until the 1970s, Candidasa was just a quiet little fishing village, then beachside losmen (small Balinese hotels) and restaurants sprang up and suddenly it was the new beach sensation in Bali. As the facilities developed, the beach eroded – unthinkingly, offshore barrier-reef corals were harvested to produce lime for cement in the orgy of construction that took place – and by the late 1980s Candidasa was a beach resort with no beach.
Mining stopped in 1991, and concrete sea walls and breakwaters have limited the erosion and now provide some tiny pockets of sand. The relaxed seaside ambience and sweeping views from the hotels built right on the water appeal to a more mature crowd of visitors. Candidasa is a good base from which to explore the interior of east Bali on a walk; it’s also a place to spend some quiet time.

In Candidasa there is not much beach, especially at high tide. Concrete breakwaters run parallel to the shore for the length of the town. There is a quiet and little visited black sand beach west of Candidasa proper called Pantai Labuan Amok. Although it has an unsightly Pertamina oil terminal at one end, this is a clean beach in a pretty bay, and the offshore waters offer good snorkeling with live coral in shallow waters. There are many other small coves and bays to explore in this area and all visitors are encouraged to do so.
5 km north east of Candidasa is Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach), one of East Bali’s well-kept secrets. It’s a 500 m long, isolated, beautiful, white sand beach fringed with coconut palms. There are a few warungs (small shops) who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Massage ladies make it into a tourist place.
Candi Dasa is a strategic place from where to explore the east of the island, which boasts exotic cultural highlights and a range of historical sites and exciting tours to enjoy.


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AttractionsThe main cultural sight in Candidasa is the Pura Candidasa, the village temple. It is believed to originate from the 11th century. It is located across from the lagoon along the main road and is dedicated to the Gods Shiva and the fertility goddess Hariti.

The surroundings of Candi Dasa is enough to do as the Karangasem regency is considered one of the most cultural parts of the islands making it ideal for sight seeing day trips. The most important temple Besakih is not far away and after visiting this temple you can easily make a stop at the royal pools of Tirta Gangga or Taman Ujung.

Goa Lawah - the ‘bat cave’ temple of Bali - is unique and mysterious, featuring a temple complex that was built around a cave opening home to hordes of bats. The 11th century temple is one of the first landmarks that you will encounter along your way to the eastern region before entering Candidasa. Locals on pilgrimages to Besakih Temple in the Karangasem regency generally make their mid-journey stop here for brief prayers. The outer perimeter features majestic temple gates and tall shrines, while the main cave opening is loud with chirping bats even in broad daylight.

Lempuyang Temple is one of Bali’s oldest and most remote temples, but if you manage to reach here, be prepared for one of the most breathtaking temple and mountain sceneries on the island. The journey here resembles a mountain trek, with steep ascents, and comprises two parts with the main temple at 1,175m above sea level on the peak of the namesake mountain. A steep staircase with over 1,700 steps lead up to the peak, through a forest inhabited by grey long-tailed macaques. The midway temple is sufficient for most visitors, with towering shrine and temple gate structures and dragon staircases.

In the hills just 4 km inland from Candidasa at Tenganan, is the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village. There is another (distinct) Bali Aga community in the village of Trunyan on the shores of Lake Batur near Kintamani, but visitors are advised that Tenganan is much easier to reach and far more welcoming of outsiders. The Bali Aga people have retained an ancient pre-Majapahit Balinese culture, and this is apparent in the many obvious differences from the rest of Bali which you will find in Tenganan. The villagers maintain a strict adherence to ancestor worship, cosmology and other animist beliefs, as well as a rigid social organisation. Villagers must live inside the village and marry from within. Tenganan is closed to outsiders after dark. The dialect of Balinese spoken here is heard nowhere else, and differs substantially from even the other Bali Aga community in Trunyan.

Things to do:

Things to do:Candidasa is surrounded by mountains so you can also easily go hiking. There are a couple of great trails that take you through the rice fields and the mountainous terrain in the area.

For those who prefer to go scuba diving then Candidasa is also the place to be. There are some excellent spots such as Tepekong Island and the Mimpang Islands, the tree rock islands in front of Candidasa's coast. This dive site has several walls and a good variety of sea life.


One place in particular is Vincent's Restaurant located nearby the lagoon. Here you can enjoy lunch and dinner with warm voices of jazz legends Diana Kral or Ella Fritzgerald in the background. You can either sit comfortable inside or head to the back to their garden terrace.
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